Joan E. Cashin's A Family Venture: Men and Women on the Southern Frontier PDF

By Joan E. Cashin

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This e-book is set different ways in which women and men skilled migration from the Southern seaboard to the antebellum Southern frontier. established upon vast examine in planter family members papers, Cashin stories how the sexes went to the frontier with diverging agendas: males attempted to flee the family members, whereas ladies attempted to maintain it. at the frontier, males frequently settled faraway from kin, leaving ladies lonely and disoriented in a wierd setting. As kinship networks broke down, intercourse roles replaced, and family among women and men turned extra inequitable. Migration additionally replaced race relatives, simply because many males deserted paternalistic race relatives and abused their slaves. even if, many ladies persisted to perform paternalism, and some even sympathized with slaves as they by no means had earlier than. Drawing on wealthy archival resources, Cashin examines the choice of households emigrate, the consequences of migration on planter kin existence, and how outdated ties have been maintained and new ones shaped.

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A few women maintained social networks over great geographical distances. , but she was a native of the North, not a typical plantation mistress. Men, not women, experienced mobility as easy, linear movement across geographic space. 28 Child-Rearing and Sex Roles In most families mothers and fathers were the primary caretakers of children, but they expected relatives beyond the nuclear core to The Planter Family in the Seaboard 21 share in the responsibility. Many adults from the greater kinship network accepted and even sought these duties, so that a number of individuals helped raise the next generation.

They ran errands for their older relatives, helped supervise plantations, and purchased slaves and livestock. They assisted their fathers and brothers as well as uncles, in-laws, and cousins from both sides of their families. For example, Richard R. Hackett's cousin hired some of his slaves, and when the cousin traveled from home, Hackett in turn supervised his plantation. 39 Older male relatives, especially fathers, continued to be powerful figures in young men's lives. Fathers kept a close watch on their sons' courtships, and some did not hesitate to intervene in romances they thought inappropriate.

41 The upbringing of planter daughters differed in most respects from that of their brothers. Other scholars note the belletristic education that parents gave to their daughters, the careful attention to their morals and manners, and the general preference that many parents had for sons. Daughters received gifts of property from their parents, typically several slaves when they married, but they usually did not have access to the substantial amounts of property their brothers received, and many were uninformed about the size and disposition of the family's wealth.

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