New PDF release: A Grammar of Mavea: An Oceanic Langugage of Vanuatu

By Valérie Guérin

ISBN-10: 0824836391

ISBN-13: 9780824836399

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However, the latter hypothesis seems closer to the truth. The first evidence against prenasalized stops comes from the fact that when the words in (23) are pronounced in isolation, the nasal is syllabic. Further evidence comes from affixation. When a prefix is added to the above lexemes, such as the third person singular subject agreement marker mo, the nasal and the stop appear in different syllables, which would not be expected if [nt] were a segment. ’ The next evidence comes from the addition of a vowel onset.

1. ˝vi ‘fan’ 28 2 Phonology Stress can lengthen the vowel. In careful, slow, or hyper-corrected speech, the stressed vowel is considerably lengthened. ’ Secondary stress falls on every second syllable to the left of the syllable receiving primary stress. 1 Exceptions to penultimate stress Exceptions to penult stress include disyllabic lexemes containing a subject agreement marker and a monosyllabic verb. As shown in the following example, stress falls on the last syllable, possibly because subject markers are extra-metrical and do not take part in stress placement.

17) Data from Tryon (1976:181, 251) [utu] ‘louse’ [uúu] ‘tooth’ Today, there is still a contrast in manner of articulation between the alveolar and the retroflex, but in addition, the retroflex is now voiced. (18) [utu] ‘louse’ [uãu] ‘tooth’ It is unclear at this stage whether Jacques Guy’s transcriptions were inaccurate, or whether the data reveal a change in progress. It is interesting to note that a non-fluent speaker of Ma˝vea, who was present when the data were elicited from her father, did not hear the contrast between [ita] ‘octopus’ and [iãa] ‘2 PL .

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