A thousand years of official Bohemian coinage 929-1929 - download pdf or read online

By DR. Viktor Katz

Небольшое эссе на английском, в котором делается краткий обзор тысячелетней истории чеканки монеты в Богемии и Моравии (Чехия).

Очень толково написано, в конце - три фототаблицы с монетами и значки минцмейстеров и монетных дворов.

СТолько скачал отсюда литературы по нумизматике, что совестно было. Теперь вот наконец свое выставляю.

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This is usually because it has simply taken a long time to resolve financial matters which under the present law cannot even come before the court before decree nisi and in practice they cannot be adjudicated upon, if not successfully negotiated and agreed, until very much later, since an appointment for a contested hearing before a District Judge will not be available until the parties can say that they are ready for trial. At present, therefore, although a divorce suit may be finalised by either petitioner or respondent applying for a decree absolute (the former six weeks from decree nisi and the latter four and a half months from decree nisi if the petitioner has not meanwhile applied) and decrees absolute are often applied for without financial matters (or those concerning children) being finalised beforehand, often they are not unless one party or other wants to remarry.

Reflection and consideration 7. Period for reflection and consideration (1) Where a statement has been made, a period for the parties— (a) to reflect on whether the marriage can be saved and to have an opportunity to effect a reconciliation, and (b) to consider what arrangements should be made for the future, must pass before an application for a divorce order or for a separation order may be made by reference to that statement. (2) That period is to be known as the period for reflection and consideration.

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A thousand years of official Bohemian coinage 929-1929 (reprint 1929) by DR. Viktor Katz

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