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By Esharenana E. Adomi

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Special events such as the celebration of a centenary may be used as the peg for a specific bid for gifts. The University of Sydney Library in 2002 marked its sesquicentenary celebrations with a fundraising campaign. In 2002, the University of Queensland Cybrary gained $300,000 from the University’s Development funds to purchase flat screen computers to upgrade its eZone. Student surveys had shown that lack of access to computers was the area leading to most dissatisfaction. Many libraries have successfully gained special gifts to cover the costs of displays and exhibitions.

Although university enrollment has remained relatively constant (Continuing Board of Higher Education, 1998-2002), library reference traffic is in steep decline. The 1999 spike in reference transactions probably reflects the opening of the new library building and student needs for assistance in becoming oriented to the new facility. Another set of data offer a possible explanation for the reduced number of questions (Figure 2). Figure 2, showing the number of books circulated and the number of searches conducted in online databases, clearly depicts the declining circulation of books and marked increase in the use of online databases.

In addition to traditional library services, the Cybrary provides computer help and training to students throughout the University via its Ask IT service. The Library centralises planning, facilities management, processing, information technology, human resource management, staff development, finance, management of networked printing, document delivery and information skills training support service delivery through the library branches. , is used to provide collection management services and access for all clients.

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