Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, Monster Manual II by Gary Gygax PDF

By Gary Gygax

ISBN-10: 0880380314

ISBN-13: 9780880380317

An alphabetical directory of monsters present in complicated Dungeons & Dragons adventures, together with assaults, harm, distinct skills, descriptiosn and random come across tables.

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Any roll of a 2 0 indicates the daemon has successfully struck with the haft of the pole and knocked his opponent out for 2-1 2 rounds, unless a saving throw vs. paralysis is successful. The shadowy ultrodaemons roam the Lower Planes at will, and there are few creatures that will contest their power. They appear as faceless humanoids with large eyes that resemble fire-opals. Any being confronted by the gaze of these creatures must save against spells or stop fascinated(as from a holdperson spell), watching the coursing of colors and patterns.

Round any fractions up. This process takes 5 melee rounds and may be interrupted by the victim's awakening. The victim may regain lost abilities only by a restoration spell, or by slaying the daemon within a day. clairvoyance, clairaudience, create illusion as a wand, suggestion, mislead, magicjar. and telekinese 6000 gp weight. Once per day they may use walloffire; inscribe symbols of persuasion, insanity, or hopelessness; or create a blade barrier. All these spell-like abilitiesare performed as if the ultrodaemon were a 15th-level spell-caster.

There are, of course, layers of the abyss so disgusting that not even the lowliest of demon nobles would deign to rule there. Bayemon (L) Bechard (L) Baltazo (L) Baphomet Cabiri (L) Charun (L) Dagon Demogorgon Eblis Ereshkigal Fraz-Urb'luu Graz'zt Gresil (L) Juiblex Kostchtchie (L) Probabilities of encounter are not stated as a percentage, for there will usually be other sorts of creatures on a given plane of the Abyss. For example, on Demogorgon's several layers there will be many sorts of vicious apes, reptiles(inc1udingdinosaurs), and bird-like monsters.

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